It has been a long research work devoted to design yachts that are excellent, both in terms of pure sailing and guests’ comfort.
Innovative design, which means wide cockpits and interiors at the top level of customization. Sailing performances come from low free boards and carbon masts.
The features of a top technological content naval architecture are transferred to the maneuvering systems – hydraulic or electric, where the Owner-helmsman has a full and easy control of his boat, offering to his guests and elegant comfort and… speed!

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B-Yachts B30

B30 is pure sailing pleasure.Conceived for sailing enthusiasts, she can be sailed single-handedly.

The B30 is a perfect combination of elegance and performance. Unlike the B38, all manoeuvres are manual and with the assistance of a self tacking jib, sail handling is pretty easy.
The narrow hull, the high weight stability and the low freeboards are somewhat reminiscent of the early twentieth century aesthetic taste, but reinterpreted with contemporary technological standards. The boat is built in carbon fibre over a sandwich core, using epoxy resin.
Thank to the low wetted surface with respect to sail area, the huge ballast ratio (more than 60% of the weight is in the keel) and the deep attention and appendages designed to minimize drag, the feelings you experience on board are similar to those of a bigger boat. In other words, she is a “small great boat”.
B30 is pure comfort. Comfort both for the sailor and his/her guest is guaranteed by a very generous cockpit arrangement, carved out of a deck in teak wood, with comfortable and attractive seats to allow you to simply enjoy the action and have fun.
Lenght O.A 8.92 m 29.3 ft
Max Beam 2.32 m 7.6 ft
Draft 1.90 m 6.2 ft
Displacement 2350 kg 5180 Lb
Ballast 1100 kg 2425 Lb
Sail Areal 52 mq 560 sqr ft

B-Yachts  B38

A “true” day sailer. Performance and comfort blended with style. Luca Brenta & Co. have a been working on these concept for several years.

This research together with the production know-how of Adria Sail have led to the creation of a yacht that is both high-performance and fun to sail.
Comfort and ease of use are ensured by an oleodynamic system that makes manoeuvring the boat the simplest of tasks and by a new cockpit layout that sets new standards for sailing yachts comfort. The high ballast ratio guarantees strong stability which, together with the generous sail areas and the composite, carbon fibre construction, all ensure high levels of performance.
This yacht is a true pleasure for the sailor to steer, with no compromise in terms of high performance
Lenght O.A 11.66 m 38.3 ft
Max Beam 2.75 m 9.0 ft
Draft 2.25 m 7.4 ft
Displacement 4300 kg 9479 Lb
Ballast 2200 kg 4850 Lb
Sail Areal 85 mq 915 sqr ft

B-Yachts  B42

The B42 has been conceived as a 24 hours boat opposed to the 12 hours B38.

Similar cockpit, running rigging and deck spaces as the B38, and so, its ensure stability and easy to sale.
The interiors are changed to be offer more confort and human habitation, but its always follows the general design philosophy of it’s predecessor.
Lenght O.A 12.80 m 42 ft
Max Beam 3.10 m 10.2 ft
Draft 2.40 m 7.9 ft
Displacement 5600 kg 12346 Lb
Ballast 3000 kg 6614 Lb
Sail Areal 100 mq 1076 sqr ft

B-Yachts  B52

B52 confirms the tradition and the philosophy behind all B-Yachts.

Thanks to its generous dimensions, it offers a stern space especially wide, which can be used as guests’ cabin. And thanks to this, the comfort of boat is even greater.
If B42 is a 24-hours boat, B52 is the epitome of purest speed and comfortable longer sailing; and it is clearly object of attention for those Owners who want to have on board not only their families, but also their friends.
Lenght O.A 15.83 m 51.9 ft
Max Beam 3.74 m 12.3 ft
Draft 3.17 m 10.4 ft
Displacement 9400 kg 20723 Lb
Ballast 5100 kg 11244 Lb
Sail Areal 169 mq 1819 sqr ft